Conklin's Opportunity
Why just DREAM about Success?
Achieve your goals with a proven career alternative.

* Be your own boss . . . . . . . . . and enjoy flexible hours
* Earn immediate profits . . . . . . while building your financial future
* Great prizes and trips . . . . . . . with complete training and support
* No experience necessary . . . . . just experience success!

With Conklin, you have the freedom to generate business anywhere in the United States. We offer you a solid management structure that allows for both personal and professional growth, and training programs for every stage of your business development. You will have access to a rich collection of training tools and sales aids. We also offer dedicated staff and field support personnel who have years of experience and knowledge to provide you with a duplicatable system. Tap into your unlimited potential, enjoy fellowship, earn great incentive prizes, attend memorable events and be recognized for your accomplishments. Join others who have seen their dreams become reality!

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